31 December 2014

Good bye 2014 & Happy 4th birthday to my dear Aijaz

A year goes by without any update. Blog sunyi sepi. So this going to be my first and only update i'm gonna make for this year :)

So much has happened this 2014. None of it make into this blog due to my laziness and etc.

But one things i don't want to forget is wishing my Aijaz "happy birthday sayang" and sorry b'cos mami and babah cannot be there with you on your birthday today. i'm not sure if one day you gonna read this. Please know this that, i'm trully regret that we still cannot bring you here stay with us in Masai. We felt that you will live a better life if you stay with Tok and Mak. Surrounded with all the loving you will received from them and your uncles and aunties.

Seen through facetime via skype just now, i know you had a great birthday party, Thanks to family in Batu Pahat. We owe you so much.

Much love from mami and babah.