24 March 2011

Another trip to A&E

Last night aijaz temp spike to 39.9. he was wimpering (from what i've been told by cah-coz i was deeply asleep at that time). then around 1am, aijaz cried and that really woke me up. tried to calm him down by giving him BF. but aijaz refused. while he layed in my arms, i could feel the heat from his body is way too hot than normal. 
I'm not panic yet, got up and thinking bout giving him a tepid sponging. But mak reacted strongly against my idea. "dah tgh malam, sejuk-sejuk tak elok mandikan baby, bagi ubat jelah" and that made me panic and mad at mak. I know aijaz need to be strip and sponge bath his body to cool down his temp. since mak already 'dokong' aijaz, i felt obliged to follow her advice.
After giving Aijaz 2ml of syrup and put wet towel on forehead, i continued to dab his body with a different wet towel. Mak wanted to take aijaz to the hospital. Im so relieved to hear that coz i knew, there aijaz will surely be treated in a proper manner.
Ayah drove us straight to the Emergency dept around 2am. Had aijaz registered, checked for temp at the secondary (by this time its down to 38.2) and later MA asked me to bring aijaz for tepid sponging in OR.
Lay aijaz on one of the empty bed there, strip him naked... aijaz is cooing, a good sign of him. A nurse brought a bowl of tap water. Using my bare hand, i gave aijaz first on his face the taste of  cold water followed by his head and the rest of the body. Aijaz's screaming woke up the other patients. Nurse help me too. She checked temp. Wow 36.9 this tepid sponging can really work wonders.
Aijaz stop crying when i put on his nappy.. Nurse advice me not to towel dry aijaz's hair. OK. Dress him with the 'aircond shirt' and off to the waiting area. Mak and Ayah is waiting for us there. I explained to mak the importance of tepid sponging.. but she kept saying 'tak sampai hati dgr aijaz nangis' Aiyo!! Jadi mummy mmg kene keras hati.
A few minute of waiting, doctor called our number. Cakap itu-ini, yadda yadda yaddA, dengue fever symptoms and signs, blah blah blah, importance of breastfeeding and finally FBC. Since aijaz shown no DF symptoms just on-off fever and sometimes dry cough, doctor (HO) want to take FBC.
At first i was allowed to accompany aijaz. That HO try to search for Aijaz's vein. She prick the right hand first, but no blood. so she try the left hand, same thing happend. She called her friend for help, another HO came. This HO asked me to wait outside. I dont mind waiting outside, thinking that HO must be nervous, and i dont want to put more pressure on them. So i left aijaz screaming.
Outside, my parents are anxious to know what happend. I told them bout 'amik darah'. Hearing aijaz screaming, ayah ordered me to go inside and see what are the HO doing. At first i was reluctant, but i cant bear to hear aijaz. so i went and surprised to see 3 doc attend aijaz. "dah dpt darah?" i asked them. Not only aijaz were pricked on both of his hand, but also his feet. Still no blood. Their excuse is aijaz  too chubby so very hard to find the vein. So aijaz  were send home with a new bottle of fever syrup. Cian.. Aijaz.

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