25 March 2011

My 2-month-3-weeks-&-4-days old's development

I just have to blog about this. My aijaz managed to roll from his back to his tummy this afternoon. 
As my usual routine of lazing around while aijaz is with his grandparents, i heard  my parents cheering from their room. So i rushed in and saw aijaz trying very hard to roll his body. We’d sit by his side cheering words of encouragement for him (mcm lah jaz bleh paham) . He looked so determined to roll over.  After sometimes, he finally did it!! - and he looked cute doing it.


Ms SZ said...

sonoknya! keisha belum lgi. sedang enak baring2 lagi.

Aija said...

mmg seronok tgk perkembangan baby. tapi cemas pon ade. hehe